Helping children become adventurous, healthy &

happy eaters

And as interested in nutritious foods as they are in Bluey.


Childhood nutrition solutions delivered by a university-qualified nutritionist with expertise in helping fussy eaters and problem feeders.

Key services:

Developing happy relationships between kids & their food at an optimal time 

Because prevention matters

With much of our lifelong eating behaviours and diet quality shaped in the early years, it's important we help children build familiarity, trust and interest in a wide variety of foods early.

It's one of the best preventive measures we can take.

Because not all children find eating easy

Learning to eat, and love a variety of tastes, textures, appearances and aromas, is a developmental process. But for some, it doesn’t come easy; food can be downright challenging. And just like you would for any other developmental delay or disorder, it’s important to seek appropriate support if your child is struggling. Your child should be taking steps towards tolerating and exploring a wide range of food not limited to the same food time, and time again.


Contrary to the popular statement, not all children grow out of it.


If you are a parent of a picky eater, how does it affect your family dynamic and stress levels? Don't you think it would be better to tackle the problem effectively – overcome challenges sooner, instead of hoping for the best

Left alone, selective eating can lead to anxiety in the parent and child, unhealthy food relationships and poor nutritional status.

Early intervention can make a difference

Because food is so central to our lives

Food nurtures, strengthens social bonds and supports health. It should contribute happiness to you and your child's life, not battles and unnecessary stress.

What Junior Food Explorers does to help

Junior Food Explorers provides in-home feeding therapy and workshops to help children explore foods in ways that are fun and pressure-free. Building familiarity and comfort around food paves the way to acceptance and eating.

Consultations and the more practical 'Learn to Love' meals in-home feeding therapy are designed help you help your child in the home. Because each child is different, strategies are created around your child's interests (what makes them tick) and their currently accepted range of foods.

Junior Food Explorers not only helps selective eaters but is able to provide current evidence-based advice on nutrition to people of all ages.

In-Home Sessions:

'Learn to Love' Meals

Practical in-home feeding therapy and support for picky eaters and their families

Nutrition & Feeding Advice

Customised nutrition advice for children, women and families

Nutrition services & support for early learning services

Food & Nutrition Workshops

Workshops to develop positive food relationships, knowledge and skills

Together, we can make a difference

Wouldn't it be great to see more children eating a variety of nutritious foods not because they have to, but because they actually want to?

Together, we can make this possible.

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Junior Food Explorers provides Nutrition & Feeding Help to Individuals, Families & Early Learning Centres

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Our services & benefits:  Hands-on sensory food, health & nutrition workshops | Nutrition activities for kids | Menus and healthy eating policy development | Children's feeding advice | Encouraging healthy eating practices without pressure or stress | Helping ELCs help their families raise great eaters | Getting kids excited about fruit & veg/vegetables/veggies | Developing healthy bodies and minds (including healthy attitudes and body image) | Reducing overweight & obesity risk | Reducing risk of dietary-related disease development through health prevention | Encouraging adventurous eaters.
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