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Junior Food Explorers will be moving toward a product-based service in 2021. Stay tuned for updates by subscribing to the email list.

Selective eating help is now being delivered under The Nourishing Hand – practical in-home help with food, eating and nutrition.


N.B. The Nourishing Hand's website is currently under construction. Please send any enquiries in the meantime via this site's contact form.

Developing happy relationships between kids & their food at an optimal time 

Because prevention matters

With much of our lifelong eating behaviours and diet quality shaped in the early years, it's important we help children build familiarity, trust and interest in a wide variety of foods early.

It's one of the best preventive measures we can take.

Because not all children find eating easy

Learning to eat, and love a variety of tastes, textures, appearances and aromas, is a developmental process. But for some, it doesn’t come easy; food can be downright challenging. And just like you would for any other developmental delay or disorder, it’s important to seek appropriate support if your child is struggling. Your child should be taking steps towards tolerating and exploring a wide range of food not limited to the same food time, and time again.


Contrary to the popular statement, not all children grow out of it.

Early intervention can make a difference

Because food is so central to our lives

Food nurtures, strengthens social bonds and supports health. It should contribute happiness to you and your child's life. Junior Food Explorers creates solutions to help children love their food.

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Our services & benefits:  Hands-on sensory food, health & nutrition workshops | Nutrition activities for kids | Menus and healthy eating policy development | Children's feeding advice | Encouraging healthy eating practices without pressure or stress | Helping ELCs help their families raise great eaters | Getting kids excited about fruit & veg/vegetables/veggies | Developing healthy bodies and minds (including healthy attitudes and body image) | Reducing overweight & obesity risk | Reducing risk of dietary-related disease development through health prevention | Encouraging adventurous eaters.
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