‘Learn to Love’ Meals: in-home help for picky eaters

Is dinner a drama?

Are you tired of battling over broccoli?

And camouflaging the cauliflower?

If you’re struggling to encourage your child to eat a variety of foods and you’re sick of cooking multiple meals to cater for fussy eaters, help is at hand.

My in-home ‘Learn to Love’ meals will boost your child’s confidence around food whilst providing you with dinner for the family, almost ready to eat.

Building a child’s trust and knowledge around a wide variety of foods is an essential first step on their journey towards joyful, healthy eating and fuss-free dinnertime for the whole family.

This service brings food therapy to you.

It is delivered in a fun way which satisfies your child’s hunger to learn and gets them involved in the preparation of dinner so they feel empowered and informed about the range of ingredients they will eat during the meal. 

How do the sessions work?

After an initial ‘getting to know you’ session, I will visit your home once a week for five weeks, bringing all required food and equipment. Your child and I will explore and discover the ingredients planned for the evening meal, then prepare the meal together.

You will then get a rundown of the session’s activities, some helpful dinnertime strategies, and instructions on any final steps involved so that dinner can be served in minutes, leaving your child familiar with the ingredients and equipped to tackle the meal with confidence.

Why choose this approach to feeding therapy?

It’s feeding therapy that doesn’t feel like therapy.

As a qualified nutritionist, I design the therapy sessions so they are in-home, they are personalised for your child and your family, and combine advice with practical strategies, giving you a head start on dinner.

Unlike conventional feeding therapy, this approach does not involve food shopping or rushing to appointments. It is delivered in the secure and familiar setting of your child’s own home, and requires very minimal preparation or clean-up by parents.

What do the sessions involve?

Each therapy session includes sensory exploration, preparation and cooking, and may also include purposeful skill- building activities, food art, science experiments, stories, games, songs and imaginative play. The central focus is on breaking down barriers and boosting your child’s trust around food (whilst learning and having fun) so they feel enabled to try new ingredients, reducing everyone’s stress around dinner.

Want to try a session?

To learn more about a taster session, please refer to the Information Pack.

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Have more questions?

More information, FAQs and pricing details are covered in the Information Pack.

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Ready to give it a go?

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