Nutrition & Feeding Consultancy

Customised advice. Because no two people (or families) are the same

For advice on matters relating to feeding, food or nutrition, I can help.


Alongside childhood nutrition and feeding, my areas of interest include family nutrition, women's nutrition and gut health.

Home visits on the north shore and northern beaches are available.

For Individuals & Families

For Early Learning Services

Promote & embed good nutrition & feeding practices at your centre

I provide business-to-business level nutrition advice that aligns with the Australian Dietary Guidelines and is considerate of diverse backgrounds, dietary requirements, the NQS and the EYLF.


Consultancy services can include any of the following:

  • Creation, review or complete update of your menu

  • Menu modification to accommodate dietary requirements

  • Healthy eating policy/philosophy document preparation

  • Assessment and advice on improving meal and snack time practices


If you require something else not listed above, please ask.



I deliver positively-focused, age-appropriate food, health and nutrition incursions in the form of single or monthly workshops.

Incursion content is designed to promote healthy food relationships and help children understand the connection between food and good health, empowering them with the tools to live a healthy life.

Junior Food Explorers – Helping Children Love Their Food

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Our services & benefits:  Hands-on sensory food, health & nutrition workshops | Nutrition activities for kids | Menus and healthy eating policy development | Children's feeding advice | Encouraging healthy eating practices without pressure or stress | Helping ELCs help their families raise great eaters | Getting kids excited about fruit & veg/vegetables/veggies | Developing healthy bodies and minds (including healthy attitudes and body image) | Reducing overweight & obesity risk | Reducing risk of dietary-related disease development through health prevention | Encouraging adventurous eaters.
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